IMPRINT+ Training Course

The objective of IMPRINT+ Training Course is to train teachers and trainers so that they can spread the IMPIRINT+ message and create awareness of how to restore and conserve their local natural resources.

Module 1: Training course presentation

In this introductory module we provide a brief overview about IMPRINT+, where you will learn about lowering and offsetting your environmental footprint, sustainability and how to restore and conserve local natural resources.

Module 2: Global threats, local solutions

In this interactive module we will use thoery to engage learners through practical fun workshops.

Module 3: Footprints

Water, Carbon footprints? Learn about these sustainability indicators using theory, groupwork and discussions!

Module 4: Ecosystem Services & Offset actions

Nature provides natural resources e. Discover how can you help to protect and preserve these resources while restoring your environmental footprint.

Module 5: IMPRINT+ resources: app & website

IMPRINT+ has developed an innovative webapp and website. During this module you will learn how to use these tools which creating vibrant and active local community engagement. Use the App to REPORT, COMPENSATE and ACTIVITIES to share your actions and see what other users are doing!

Module 6: Ecological Assessment Tutorial

During this module you will learn about IMPRINT+ fieldwork studies.

Module 7: Environmental communication & engagement

In this module we will explore the pedagogy and psychology of environmental education.