IES Pedro Jiménez Montoya

IES Pedro Jimenez Montoya is a state High School located in the South of Spain, which offers Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Education and Training to over 1,000 students. The school is involved in several European initiatives such as Erasmus+, Etwinning or a CLIL programme. Apart from bilingual education, it has implemented a number of environmental and ICT projects throughout the years, for which it has been awarded recognition.

Since 2005, its work has mainly focused on developing 21st century competences and skills, in order to prepare students to become active citizens within Europe. Among the main pillars of this educational institution, we can mention the promotion of European citizenship, the development of language and digital competences as well as the encouragement of entrepreneurship and respect for the environment.


Eugenio Martínez

Eugenio Martínez is a Physical Education Teacher and the head of the PE Department at IES P. Jimenez Montoya. He has a Bachelor degree in Sport Science (Granada University) and specialized in handball and caving.

His areas of interest are: adventure sport activities, mobile apps used in the field of sports and the promotion of healthy habits amongst students. Since 2011, he has been involved in the organisation of the local Sport Week.

Manuel Navarro

Manuel Navarro is a Physical Education teacher and Head of the Innovation and Training Department at IES P. Jimenez Montoya. He has a Bachelor degree in Sport Science and a Master degree in management of local sport facilities (Barcelona University).

His areas of interest are sport management, the environment and green entrepreneurship. He is also responsible for the organisation of Sport Week, a local event which has a regional coverage.

Jose Manuel Martos

Jose Manuel Martos is a health teacher at IES P. Jimenez Montoya. He has been responsible for several environmental initiatives and projects at the school, among which we can mention "Recapacicla". At present, he is part of the school board.

His areas of interest are related to the promotion of environmentally- friendly habits, and their links to health.

Elisa María López

Elisa María López is an English teacher at IES P. Jimenez Montoya. Since 2005, she has been bilingual coordinator at this school and has collaborated in the creation of teaching resources and materials with several institutions. She has participated in and coordinated a number of Comenius and Erasmus+ projects (for example Europe 2020: Offering new perspectives and incentives for young people. She also teaches English for Specific Purposes at Open University . Among her interests, we can mention learning languages and the integration of ICT tools or mobile apps in education.